Add the right kind of finishing touches to your living room with these beautiful modern drape options

It’s 2020, and drapes for the living room are no longer just a functional necessity. Curtains can add style, elegance, drama and a great amount of beauty to your living room. With curtains, there is so much to offer with their design, fabric, print, colour and length. Choosing the best curtains for your living room depends upon the design of your space. Curtains are usually selected towards the end of the design process, and this way you can always narrow down on the ones that blend with the aesthetics of your living room. If you are looking at some design inspiration for your drapes, take a look at these soothing modern curtain designs for living room.

Neutral Colours To Go With Modern Curtain Designs For Living Room

One of the fail-safe ways to add elegance to your space is via the use of comfortable neutral colours. The living room here has been furnished in hues of classic browns, greys and whites. The modern curtains for living room blend with the overall scheme of things; the delicate pattern on the white curtains adds a softer dimension to the design, and together they help in making the space look calm and beautiful.

Pick a modern look for your living room and go for curtains with oodles of elegance and sophistication

Contrasting Colours That Improve Modern Curtain Designs For Living Room

Beautiful thick curtains are a good choice for living rooms that have ample natural light flowing in. They make for an even better choice when you go for contrasting colours which pop out. Here, the living and dining rooms are designed in beautiful neutral hues, and the modern blue curtains end up adding the right kind of charm to the space!

Add dollops of charm to your living room with neutral colours that accentuate your design aesthetic

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