Footsteps Factory

Computer Controlled Cutting Machine (CNC)

Our computer controlled cutting machine (CNC) allows for any customized design with innovative intricate specialty on a product. This computer Numerical control machine is preprogrammed with instructions and can relentless work without break therefore production efficienciency is guaranteed always.

Sanding Machines

The different sanding machines used including heavy belt, hand belt, orbital, and disk sanders ensure fine smoothing, polishing and cleaning rough surface on our products in preparation of the finishing stage.

Cross-cutting Machine

The cross-cutting machine operated by competent and skilled staff is able to cut large boards into smaller manageable lengths, squaring ends of material and removing defects such as knots.

Lathe machine

The lathe machine at the factory enables to shape wood into cylindrical profiles as desired by clients.

Miter saw machine

Our miter saw machine enable cutting, molding, and trimming of wood products as operated by our competent skilled staff.

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